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Must-Try Essential Oil Blends for Your Diffuser

With our range of essential oil blends, it’s easier than ever to experience the benefits of aromatherapy. The oils used in these essential oil blends are carefully handpicked and artfully mixed to provide a perfect balance of aroma and mood.

These high quality pure essential oil blends are perfect for diffusion, self-care, DIY beauty and even for cleaning. As with our range of essential oils, these products are GMO-free, clean, purity-tested and quality assured.
Blended to pave the way for serenity and inner peace, these essential oil blends are sure to calm your mind and body. Whether you are looking to experience the joy of smelling lavender or citrus, our expansive range has something for everyone.

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How to Use Essential Oil Blends?

Using essential oil blends with a diffuser is easy and simple. Simply add water to the storage tank and up to drops of the essential oil of your choice. Remember that essentials are quite strong and less is more.

Even 2 to 3 drops of essential oil blend can go a long way.

If you have a baby around, you could keep it to one to two drops.

Now turn your diffuser on. Once turned on, the ultrasonic plate in the diffuser will begin to vibrate and turn the water and oil blend into a mist. This mist is released into the air through the top of the diffuser.

You can use your diffuser anywhere in your home – the kitchen, living room, nursery, bedroom, bathroom or even the laundry. You can use it at work or even in your car.

Signs You’ve Used Too Much Essential Oil Blend in Your Diffuser

Look out for these four signs to know whether you’ve used too much essential oil in the diffuser:

  • When you use too much essential oil, the smell will be more than overwhelming. Remember, if you have a congested nose or can’t smell well, you might not notice the strong smell.
  • Your eyes are stinging, itchy or watery.
  • You begin to get a headache.
  • Your nose begins to run.

How Long Should You Diffuse Essential Oil Blends?

As a rule of thumb, diffuse for 15 to 20 minutes.

That will give you ample time to release the oils through your room. What’s more, it will release a subtle scent that will last for hours on end.

You can turn on the diffuser two to three more times during the day as necessary. You could diffuse a few more times depending on the size of the room as well as the airflow and temperature of the room.

What Essential Oil Blends Should You Diffuse?

If you are starting out with aromatherapy, we suggest you try any of the following:

  • doTERRA Citrus Bliss (Invigorating Blend)
  • doTERRA Balance (Grounding Blend)
  • doTERRA Elevation (Joyful Blend)
  • doTERRA Lavender Peace (Restful Blend)

These are wonderful essential oil blends that will uplift the mood. What’s more, they are safe around pets and children too. Their light fragrance is easy on anyone and everyone. And their familiar smell will give you the confidence to experiment with our essential oil blends.

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