Packaging / Recycling

Our store’s philosophy (and ours) is to harmonise your home, office and you (which also includes the environment) ….. we recycle / reuse / repurpose all packaging material that comes into our warehouse.

We try to reuse all packaging material, boxes, etc (although some are just so “rank” that we can’t possibly reuse them, so they get recycled). 

When we use bio-fill packaging to protect parcels, please note that it’s:

  • 100% biodegradable
  • environmentally friendly
  • compostable and water soluble
  • Australian made

While we prefer not to, we use plastic bags, as salt lamps may “weep” when they don’t have a globe warming up the rock salt.  You’ll also know that if you switch off your salt lamp when you’re going away for a few days (or if you live in humid conditions, whenever you switch off your salt lamp), it should be wrapped in a plastic bag to prevent it from “weeping”. 

We may start using newspaper and magazines too to protect items in boxes (sorry about the newsprint that will inevitably attach to your fingers if we decide to use newspaper) – we really want to minimise the impact we have on the environment and every little bit counts.

We use boxes as much as possible (we do purchase cardboard boxes, as well as reuse cardboard boxes from suppliers, as they’re recyclable and we hope you do manage to reuse or recycle them too).

Satchels are unavoidable for small articles and we use bubble wrap to protect items such as globes, small items, and sometimes salt lamps.

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