I’m Mandy – thanks for stopping by.

We created Rock Salt Lamps so that we could offer awesome goodies for you, your friends, family and loved ones – ‘stuff’ that bring feelings of warmth and happiness into your lives.

They worked for us, so we thought: Why not share the love?

Who doesn’t enjoy the warm, soft glow of a Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp?

Oh the stories we’ve received from gorgeous people feeling happier, more calm, being able to sleep better, feeling less tension, less “stuffy” in the morning, amazed at the reduction in smells in the home (particularly animal smells), and we could go on …..

What about the gentle, calming energy that selenite brings? Perhaps it’s a feeling of relief, knowing that you’re being protected by your EMF harmoniser (home, personal or mobile), or maybe it’s the beautiful, gentle aroma of diffusing essential oils that brings you most joy.

We love our fabulous products and love what we do. Our hope is that we can contribute to making your life a happier and more harmonious one too.

With much love … Mandy & Family x


“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world”. Robin Williams


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