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If you’re looking for ideas or products to create a warm vibe, great energy and gentle calm in your home or office, then you’ve come to the right place - our aim is to offer products and services that create a beautiful, warm environment that supports your emotional, physical, environmental and spiritual well-being. Enjoy x



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    Electrical Cord for Salt Lamps – 24V (NEW in 2020) & 2 x 25w, 24V globes


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    Rose Quartz Hamsa Hand & Lava Bead Bracelet



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    Shop Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp in Australia

    Revitalise and harmonise your home and office with our 100% natural and genuine Himalayan salt lamps. While we’re based in Melbourne, we ship Australia wide, so when you’re after the best Himalayan Salt Lamps in Australia, we’ll look after you. We’re committed to quality and service. Choose from our awesome collection of natural-shaped salt lamps, or hand carved salt lamps. Our rock salt lamps are sustainably sourced from the foothills of the Himalayas, the only source of pink Himalayan rock salt. Each rock salt lamp is hand-crafted skilfully and lovingly to assure you of the best Himalayan salt lamp experience.

    Why not delve deeper and discover our full range of products that will beautify, invigorate and cleanse your space.

    Natural Salt Lamps

    The soft, warm glow of our rock salt lamps will add a tranquil feel to any room. No matter where you place them, salt lamps will help to purify the air, elevate your mood, and enhance a feeling of calm and peace.

    Selenite Crystals and Lamps

    Selenite is a stunning crystal, that’s naturally beautiful and has immense healing benefits. We have a wide range of Selenite products including Selenite lamps, Selenite wands, Selenite hearts, Selenite pyramids, Selenite spheres and Selenite charging cubes. Oh my – they’re amazing!

    EMF Solutions

    Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is a reality we can’t deny in today’s digital world. EMR creates resonant stress on the human bio-field, which affects our organs, meridians, nervous system and hormones. To counteract this ‘stress’, we have products that will harmonise the harmful effects of EMR and protect you and your loved ones.

    Essential Oils

    Used for centuries for medicinal and health purposes, the benefits and uses of essential oils are far reaching, and range from aromatherapy to personal beauty & skincare, natural medicine, household cleaning products and more. Diffuse to invigorate your environment, support restful feelings, help with concentration and focus or cleanse your environment.

    Ultrasonic Diffusers

    An ultrasonic diffuser offers a fantastic way to experience the benefits of aromatherapy, as ultrasonic essential oil diffusers transform essential oils into microscopic oil droplets that disperse the scent through the air, allowing you to enjoy the aroma of an essential oil for a number of hours. We have a variety of fabulous diffusers that will help to purify the air and transform your home into a spa like oasis.

    Tea Light Candle Holders

    At Rock Salt Lamps, we offer a great range of tea light candle holders, including rock salt tea light holders and selenite tea light holders, which emanate subtle tranquillity and luxury in your home or office. Transform your space instantly and beautifully with our tea light candle holders.


    We also offer a variety of accessories for your lamps and essential oils. Whether you need replacement globes, or Australian certified cords for your Himalayan salt lamp, selenite lamp or crystal lamp, or perhaps some roller bottles for your DIY projects with essential oils, we’ve got you covered.

    Australia-Wide Shipping

    All our products are shipped Australia-wide at affordable prices, within 3 business days of receipt of order. We’re committed to competitive pricing, quality and excellent service.

    8 Reasons to Buy from Rock Salt Lamps

    • The best rock salt lamps in Australia.
    • Australian-owned and operated business.
    • Fair, transparent and competitive prices.
    • Wide range of products to suit every requirement and need.
    • Friendly customer care team that’s happy to answer all your questions.
    • Genuine, natural, hand-picked products.
    • Your product is shipped only after passing through our stringent quality assurance process.
    • Rock salt products are sourced from the Himalayas, not from China.
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    Do Himalayan Salt Lamps actually work?

    Salt lamps are said to produce negative ions and purify the air – while there doesn’t appear scientific evidence to back that up, personal experience and feedback from customers, friends, etc, can’t be ignored. For example, Sue Gross from Middle Park told us “I absolutely LOVE my firebowl lamp! I put it in my bedroom so I could fully assess its effectiveness and gosh, I noticed a difference within a day or two. I have asthma and with the blinds closed at night, the room would often smell a bit stuffy by morning and I’d be wheezy but the air is so much cleaner now, it’s amazing! We also have pets in the home and I’ve been thrilled that the pet smell has dissipated as well.”

    Bev told us: “Danni’s son Felix slept for no more than 2 hours at a time (on a good night) so she put a salt lamp in his room 3 nights ago and bingo 7 hours a night for last 3 nights.”

    Only you can be the judge, but in any event, you can’t deny their aesthetic, natural beauty.

    What are the benefits of a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

    While salt lamps generate a beautiful, warm ambience, many people attest to their wellness benefits, eg purifying the air, helping to fell calm, reduce anxious feelings (particularly with fluorescent lighting), support sleep, and many other benefits.

    There may not be any ‘science’ to back these feelings or findings, however this feedback can’t be denied. We have many testimonials on our website sent to us by happy customers and associates.

    Is your salt really from the Himalayas?

    Our salt lamps come from the Khewra mines in Pakistan – did you know that the salt was discovered: “…. when Alexander the Great crossed the Jhelum and Mianwali region during his Indian campaign. The mine was discovered, however, not by Alexander, nor by his allies, but by his army’s horses, when they were found licking the stones. Ailing horses of his army also recovered after licking the rock salt stones” Click here for more details.

    What size salt lamp should I have for each room?

    It’s generally thought that there is an ionic radius for each salt lamp, for example, if you have a 1-2 kg salt lamp, the ionic (beneficial) radius is about 2 metres. These size salt lamps are great for bedside tables, office desks and small spaces.

    If you have a lounge room, family room or large office, a much larger salt lamp is recommended. You can also have a few salt lamps scattered around a room to provide the same ionic radius and also provide a beautiful ambience.

    Do your power cords meets Australian Standards?

    Our salt lamp cords meet Australian Standards and we stock 240V (black and white) and 24V (black) cords. We don’t stock dimmer cords as we’ve found them problematic.

    Why is my salt lamp leaking?

    As salt is hygroscopic, it attracts moisture from the air (think about restaurants in the tropics, where they always have rice in their salt shaker – the rice is there to absorb the moisture from the salt). When a salt lamp ‘leaks’ or ‘weeps’, it’s usually because you’ve switched your salt lamp off. So it’s best to leave your salt lamp switched on.

    When you wish to switch off your salt lamp, note that if you live in humid or wet conditions, it’s best to wrap it in a plastic bag (remove the cord and globe, but allow the globe to cool first). This will prevent the moisture being attracted to your salt lamp. However, if you live in temperate conditions, your salt lamp can usually be switched off for a day or two without it ‘leaking’ or ‘weeping’ because, in mild conditions, there is very little moisture in the air.

    If I turn off my salt lamp – what will happen?

    It depends on your environmental conditions – if you live in a location where there is little moisture in the air, then your salt lamp probably won’t ‘leak’ or ‘weep’. We still recommend placing your salt lamp on a plate or tray, to protect the surface it’s sitting on, as you just never know! To enjoy your salt lamp’s benefits, it’s best to switch it on.

    If you live in humid or wet conditions, and you switch your salt lamp off, it will ‘leak’ or ‘weep’, so it’s best to wrap your salt lamp in a plastic bag (remove the cord and globe, but allow the globe to cool first). This will prevent the moisture being attracted to your salt lamp.

    Should I leave my salt lamp on all the time?

    It’s not necessary to leave your salt lamp on all the time. Please note ‘though, as salt is hygroscopic, it attracts moisture from the air. The heat from an incandescent globe evaporates that moisture. If you switch your salt lamp off in humid conditions, or when it’s very wet or raining, the moisture that’s been absorbed by your salt lamp will start dripping, or leaking, as there’s no heat from a globe to evaporate it.

    You don’t want your salt lamp ‘leaking’ for a number of reasons (safety being paramount, plus it may stain the surface your salt lamp is sitting on). In wet or humid conditions, when you wish to switch off your salt lamp, it’s best to wrap it in a plastic bag to prevent any moisture being attracted to your salt lamp (remove the cord and globe first, but allow the globe to cool). Even in mild conditions, you can wrap your salt lamp in a plastic bag when you switch it off.

    Why should you put a salt lamp on a protective plate?

    As salt is hygroscopic, it attracts moisture from the air. In extremely humid or wet conditions, your salt lamp may ‘leak’ or ‘weep’ a little, so it’s best to put a plate or something similar underneath your salt lamp to protect the surface it’s sitting on.

    Are Salt Lamps safe for dogs or cats?

    Consuming too much salt isn’t good for anyone. The odd lick of a salt lamp is unlikely to cause any harm to your dog or cat, however if your dog or cat really likes the salt, and goes back for more, then you have a problem. If this is the case, place your salt lamp in an inaccessible area and be mindful that cats are curious animals and are capable of jumping up on high surfaces.

    My children and friends lick my salt lamp for laughs. Is that OK?

    We all have salt in our food so a little lick of the salt lamp, for fun, isn’t going to hurt anyone. We don’t recommend it becomes a regular event ‘though.

    Why are my globes popping?

    Salt lamp globes are incandescent and have fine filaments that don’t like to be moved. So there may be a number of reasons for your salt lamp globes blowing:

    • Globes used in salt lamps are meant to be in a stationary position (they’re the same globes that are used in ovens).  As a result, they last longer if the lamp is not subject to vibration.
    • The average life span of salt lamp (incandescent) globes is approximately 1000 hours (or around 42 days if left on continually).
    • If you wish to clean your salt lamp, or the surface it’s sitting on, switch off your salt lamp and wait until it cools (best to remove the cord and globe when cool), then clean.
    • If the globe pops often, check it’s screwed in firmly and it isn’t touching the surface of the lamp.  Globes may also pop if the lamp is exposed to vibration (i.e. next to the TV with the surround sound on), or if the lamp is moved suddenly.
    • Another thing to check is if other appliances are on the same circuit (perhaps drawing larger currents).
    • Also, there may have been a power spike, as this often affects the globes.  There are some locations in buildings where power spikes occur on a regular basis, which definitely affects globes.
    • When replacing the globe, wipe the surface of the globe before inserting in into the salt lamp to remove all traces of salt that may remain on your fingers.
    • It’s best to place your salt lamp cord directly into the wall (i.e. don’t use a power board).
    • If the globe continues to “pop”, the cord may need replacing.

    What globes are best for salt lamps?

    Incandescent globes are best for salt lamps (as they generate heat). LED globes don’t generate heat and therefore should not be used in salt lamps. We don’t stock or recommend USB salt lamps as they use LED globes.

    What size globes do I use?

    We recommend:

    • 7 – 10 watt 240V globes for salt lamps up to 5 kg (using a 240V AS cord)
    • 10 watt 24V globes for salt lamps up to 5 kg (using a 24V cord)
    • 15 watt 240V globes for salt lamps over 5 kg (using a 240V cord)
    • 25 watt 240V globes for salt lamps in excess of 15 kg (using a 240VB cord)
    • 240V black & white cords (use 240V globes)
    • 24V black cords (use 24V cords)

    Do you have replacement cords and globes?

    Yes we do and bulk buying is the most economical way of purchasing them.

    We stock:

    • 7 watt 240V E14 globes
    • 10 watt 24V E14 globes (only use with 24V cords – new regulations)
    • 15 watt 240V E14 globes
    • 25 watt 240V E14 globes

    Do you have dimmer cords?

    We don’t stock dimmer cords as we have found them to be unreliable and therefore potentially unsafe.

    How do I look after my salt lamp?

    As salt is hygroscopic (absorbs moisture from the air), salt lamps and rock salt candle holders are best not used in damp rooms, outdoors, in humid conditions, near evaporative cooling, or be allowed to get wet.

    If your lamp gets wet, switch off at the power source, remove the cord and globe (allow the globe to cool first) and wipe the rock salt with a dry cloth. When dry, replace the globe and cord and switch on the lamp or light the tea light candle in the candleholder to re-dry the rock salt. Should you suspect water has dripped into the globe connection, replace the cord and globe immediately.

    Should your Rock Salt Lamp get a bit dusty or dirty, switch off at the power source, remove the cord and globe (allow the globe to cool first), then moisten a cloth (wring out completely) and rub the dirt off the lamp. For heavy, ground in dirt, you can use a scourer (this won’t hurt the lamp); allow the lamp to dry either in sunlight (inside) or by replacing the globe and cord and then switching on the lamp.

    If you live in exceptionally humid or wet weather conditions, it’s strongly recommended you have your salt lamp switched on, to keep it as dry as possible. 

    Should you wish to turn your salt lamp off for more than a few days (mild conditions) or a few hours (humid/tropical conditions), remove the cord and globe from the lamp (allow the globe to cool first) and place the Rock Salt Lamp in a plastic bag. This will prevent your salt lamp from ‘weeping’ or ‘sweating’.

    It’s best to plug your salt lamp directly into the wall (ie, don’t use a power board).


    Harmonise your home, office and you!

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    Oh I just love my salt lamps, love everything about them. Thanks for all your help too, and for getting them to me so quickly.

    Suzanne Smithson

    I’m so impressed with my salt lamp – since having it in my home I’ve noticed a huge difference in my “sinuses”, they’ve improved dramatically.

    Val Creighton

    I received the heart shape salt lamp today. Super fast delivery, good customer service & great communication. I love it .Thanks!

    Thao Nguyen

    Thank you.
    I received my tea light holders this morning and am delighted with them. I’ve lit one already, the glow is gorgeous and I can’t wait until night when I can see them in full effect.
    Wonderful service, I will recommend you to others.

    Kelly Galbraith,
    Chelsea, Victoria

    Hi just wanted to say thank you so much for my salt lamp it is beautiful and as usual such fast delivery your products and service never disappoint can now add this to my other collection.
    Thanks again

    Joanne Coulton
    Dandenong North

    Just thought I would let you know I received my replacement item today. I love the way you packed it and so excited to receive it in one piece. Thank you so much for the way you dealt with all of this. I really appreciate it. You should be very proud of the way you treat your customers. I am so excited to be able to send my daughters gift to her and can’t thank you enough.

    Marilyn Sym
    Collaroy Plateau

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