Caring for your Salt Lamp

How to care for your Himalayan Salt Lamp


Due to the hygroscopic properties of salt (absorb moisture from the air), Himalayan salt lamps and rock salt candle holders are best not used in damp rooms, outdoors, in humid conditions, near evaporative cooling, or be allowed to get wet.

If your lamp gets wet, switch off at the power source, remove the cord and globe and then wipe the rock salt with a dry cloth. When dry, replace the globe and cord and switch on the lamp or light the tea light candle in the candleholder to re-dry the rock salt.   Should you suspect water has dripped into the globe connection, replace the cord and globe immediately.

Should your Rock Salt Lamp get a bit dusty or dirty, switch off at the power source, remove the cord and globe, then moisten a cloth (wring out completely) and rub the dirt off the lamp.  For heavy, ground in dirt, you can use a scourer (this won’t hurt the lamp); allow the lamp to dry either in sunlight (inside) or by replacing the globe and cord and then switching on the lamp.

If you live in exceptionally humid or wet weather conditions, it’s strongly recommended you have your Crystal Salt Lamp on continuously, to keep it as dry as possible.  For best results, keep on 24/7.

Should you wish to turn your salt lamp off for more than a few days (temperate conditions) or a few hours (humid/tropical conditions), remove the cord and globe from the lamp and place the Rock Salt Lamp in a plastic bag (a supermarket bag will do). This will prevent your salt lamp from “weeping” or “sweating”.

It’s best to plug your salt lamp directly into the wall (ie, don’t use a power board).


  • Globes used in salt lamps are meant to be in a stationary position (they’re the same globes that are used in ovens).  As a result, they last longer if the lamp is not subject to vibration.
  • The average life span of salt lamp (incandescent) globes is approximately 1000 hours (or around 42 days if left on continually).
  • If you wish to clean your salt lamp, or the surface it’s sitting on, switch off your salt lamp and wait until it cools (best to remove the cord and globe when cool), then clean.
  • If the globe pops often, check it’s screwed in firmly and it isn’t touching the surface of the lamp.  Globes may also pop if the lamp is exposed to vibration (i.e. next to the TV with the surround sound on), or if the lamp is moved suddenly.
  • Another thing to check is if other appliances are on the same circuit (perhaps drawing larger currents).
  • Also, there may have been a power spike, as this often affects the globes.  There are some locations in buildings where power spikes occur on a regular basis, which definitely affects globes.
  • When replacing the globe, wipe the surface of the globe before inserting in to the salt lamp to remove all traces of salt that may remain on your fingers.
  • If the globe continues to “pop”, the cord may need replacing.


We recommend you place your salt lamp or tea light candleholder on a placemat, or something similar to protect the surface your crystal salt lamp or tea light candleholder is sitting on.

Replacement parts


Globes – clear

  • 7 watt or 15 watt, 240V globes – $3.00 each
  • 10 watt, 24V globes – $3.00 each (new in 2020)
  • bulk buy – purchase 5 and get one free, (ie 6 for $15)
  • 25 watt, 240V globes – $5.00 each
  • 25 watt, 24V globes – $5.00 each (new in 2020)
  • Bulk buy – purchase 5 and get one free (ie 6 for $25)

If you purchased your salt lamp prior to, or early in 2020, then the globes you would use would most likely be 240V. If you have any doubt, please contact us.

Globes – coloured

  • red, blue, violet (purple) or green, 240V – $3.50 each
  • bulk buy – purchase 5 and get one free, (ie 6 for $17.50) – colours chosen randomly unless specifically requested and available

Please note we don’t have 24V coloured globes.


  • 240V black or white – $15.00 each (prior to change in regulations in 2020, these cords were used in salt lamps)
  • 24V DC black – $16.50 (introduced in 2020 for use in salt lamps)

Check out our buy a cord and globe, and get a globe for free, saving $3.00 to $5.00.

  • 24V globes must be used in 24V DC cords (rectangular wall plug).
  • 240V globes must be used in 240V cords (round wall plug) as they are not interchangeable.

You can purchase replacement parts here.

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