Tea Light Candle Holders

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Tea light candle holders are an aesthetically pleasing yet inexpensive way to transform any space. Whether you want to enjoy a candle light dinner in the kitchen, give a romantic makeover to your bedroom or add an elegant touch to your living room, tea light holders are an excellent choice.

We offer an array of unique tea light candle holders. A move over the usual stuff, our range includes Himalayan Salt tea light holders and Selenite tea light candle holders. In addition to looking stunningly gorgeous, these tea light holders bring an array of health benefits.

If you are looking for a tea light holder that offers more than decorative benefits to your space, then look no further than our collection.

Rock Salt Tea Light Holders
When heated, Himalayan salt releases negative ions into the air. This counters the presence of excessive positive ions in the environment.

In today’s digital world, we are excessively exposed to positive ions from electronic devices. They can drain our energy and weaken our physical strength. Heated Himalayan salt balances those positive ions with negative ions to neutralise electro-pollution.

What’s more, rock salt helps reduce irritants and allergens from the air. They also cleanse the indoor air.

Another benefit you will notice is the improved smell. A room with rock salt tea light candle holders will smell different from the other rooms in your house. It’s purer and cleaner. Try it to believe it.

The calming, soothing glow of from these tea light holders can help reduce stress, and induce sleep faster.

Combine tea light candles with these holders for an eco-friendly source of light.
Selenite Crystal Tea Light Candle Holders

Undoubtedly, selenite tea light holders look beautiful. In addition to looking ethereal, these beauties bring many benefits to your space.

They are a perfect addition when you want to create a calming effect.

Furthermore, selenite crystal helps bring mental clarity. If you are looking to create the perfect ambience for meditation, place some selenite tea light holders, light up some candles and you’re all set.

Selenite crystal helps balancing energy and has a cleansing effect, which removes all negative influences form the environment.

Selenite tea light candle holders can also help stabilise your emotions and reverse the effects of “free radicals”.

Selenite is known to inject high0frequency vibrations into the environment, which can create a calming effect and result in immense inner peace.

Buy Quality Tea Light Candle Holders from Rock Salt Lamps
At Rock Salt Lamps, we are a one-stop shop for wellness products for your home. We take pride in sourcing high-quality products that will brighten up your home and bring immense health benefits at the same time.

Every tea light holder is unique in shape and is 100% genuine. Whether you are looking for selenite tea light holders or Himalayan salt tea light holders, we assure you of the highest standards of quality at affordable prices.

Explore our collection to take your pick. Should you need any assistance or have a question, our friendly customer care team is just a call away!

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