Buy Selenite Lamps in Australia at the Best Price

Selenite lamps are simply gorgeous.

Selenite lamps are made from a naturally clear or opaque form of the mineral gypsum. The selenite is sourced in its natural form, from the seabeds of Morocco, and is hollowed out to create a stunning lamp. The tower effect of the selenite lamp is achieved by chipping and splitting along the natural cleavage surface.

The name Selenite traces its origin to the Greek word “Selene”, which means moon, referring to the pearl-like appearance of this crystal that reflects a soft, moon-like glow.

The Ethereal Beauty of Selenite Lamps

No matter where you place them, selenite lamps add a touch of elegance to your home or office space.  One of our best selling products, our selenite lamps are available for delivery across Australia. Each selenite lamp comes with an Australian-approved globe and cord.

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Our selenite tower lamps have been designed to deliver the best selenite lamp experience to your space. Not only do these lamps look stunning and bring a lovely ambience but they are known to offer an array of health benefits.

Did you know that selenite recharges and cleans itself constantly? It can even cleanse and recharge your gemstones and crystals.  Bring home one of our selenite lamps today to experience their endless benefits.

Benefits of Selenite Crystal Lamps

  • The first thing that strikes you is the immense beauty of selenite lamps. They are beautiful to look at and will enhance your space with their soft white glow.
  • Each selenite lamp is unique. That’s right!  Every selenite lamp we have is uniquely carved.
  • When you’re looking to create a calming effect in your room, look no further than a selenite crystal lamp.
  • Selenite crystal is also known to bring mental clarity and guidance. Many people enjoy using selenite lamps when meditating. 
  • Selenite helps to balance and cleanse, and helps to remove negative energies.
  • It can help stabilise emotions and aid your judgement.  
  • Selenite is said to promote purity and honesty.
  • It soothes, calms and brings a deep sense of calm and tranquillity.

Selenite crystal puts out a fine vibration and boasts a high frequency that’s known to bring a calming effect and inner peace. It also brings clarity of mind while clearing out confusion.

Buy High-Quality Selenite Lamps in Australia

When you are looking to buy selenite quality lamps at affordable prices, think of Rock Salt Lamps. We are Australia’s leading store for natural, eco-friendly home décor products.

These selenite lamps are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 20cm to 40cm. No matter the size you choose, you can be assured of a high-quality product that will beautify your space instantly.

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