Many people love candles, and we understand that.  However, for wellness reasons, fragranced candles may not be the best choice, as they often contain synthetic fragrances (as do some perfumes, other personal care products, and many other items we use on a day to day basis – but that’s another story).    Synthetic fragrances used in candle making often contain phthalates.  According to PubMed – Phthalates are a series of widely used chemicals that demonstrate to be endocrine disruptors and are detrimental to human health. Phthalates can be found in most products that have contact with plastics during producing, packaging, or delivering. Despite the short half-lives in tissues, chronic exposure to phthalates will adversely influence the endocrine system and functioning of multiple organs, which has negative long-term impacts on the success of pregnancy, child growth and development, and reproductive systems in both young children and adolescents (to read more, go here:

We think of ultrasonic diffusers as the healthy, modern cousin of candles.  Why, may you ask?  Well – ultrasonic diffusers take an essential oil (or blend) and transform it into a fine, microscopic mist of oil droplets, dispersing the droplets and scent through the air, allowing you to experience the natural aroma.  Please note ‘though, that aromatic benefits are enjoyed with pure essential oils (many essential oils on the market contain fragrances, which are not healthy for you, your family or animals – see article referenced above), so when selecting essential oils, we encourage you to ensure they are pure, without any fillers or additives (ingredients, instructions, cautions and use by date should be noted on the bottle). 

Back to the advantages of using diffusers with essential oils instead of fragranced candles:

Aromatherapy benefits:  Our 5 senses allow us to experience life to the fullest.  Every day we hear, see, taste, touch and smell the world around us.  With regard to smell – how do you feel when you get a whiff of your mum’s perfume when she walks by?  How about the smell of cakes or bread cooking in the oven?   What about a fave holiday you had camping, and the smell of an open fire brings that memory back?  The power of aroma can transform your day, and using pure essential oils will help you to change your space to the ‘feel’ or ‘vibe’ you want it to be ……  our sense of smell is a powerful took that significantly influences the way we experience life.

Safety:  candles involve an open flame, and that carries an obvious risk in homes, particularly with animals and children.  We know of a home that was burnt down due to a curtain catching alight on a burning candle!  Ultrasonic diffusers, on the other hand, use electronic technology to disperse essential oils into the air – no flame!

Longevity:  Have you ever lit a candle and realised it burned out way quicker than you expected?  Annoying!  With ultrasonic diffusers, you can enjoy hours of continuous operation – some diffusers have a timer so you can set and forget!  In any event, they all stop when the water runs out.

Personalisation:  With candles, you’re limited to the fragrance available in the individual candle (we know there are lots to choose from, but you’re still limited).  Diffusers allow for more versatility.  You can mix and match essential oils, create your own unique blends (our fave at the moment is Wild Orange, Geranium and Ylang Ylang), and you can tailor the aroma to how you want to feel – eg, to calm and relax  – try Lavender, Roman Chamomile or Bergamot; to uplift – try Grapefruit, Wild Orange or Peppermint; or try rosemary for concentration, focus and creativity – there are soooo many options.

Residue:  Unlike candles that often leave a wax residue and / or soot behind, ultrasonic diffusers don’t have that mess.  You simply need to clean your diffuser according to the directions.

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