Are you concerned by the amount of heavy metals in your body? You’re not alone. More and more of us are concerned with the levels of metals in our bodies, and how we can bring them down. We decided to explore the science on the effects of zeolite – or volcanic ash – as a natural heavy metal and contaminant detox.

Metals present in the human body

Not all metals were created equally when it comes to our health. Our bodies naturally contain countless metals, such as iron, aluminium, mercury, lead, tin, nickel, copper, manganese, lithium (yes like the battery!), and even gold and  arsenic (yes, like the deadly poison), many of which play essential roles in our wellbeing and survival.

Where do we get exposed to heavy metals and what do they do?

Exposure to heavy metals is nearly unavoidable, especially when living in an urban setting. We’re exposed to heavy metals through our diet, our medications, and the environment. Traffic fumes, industrial pollution, antiperspirant deodorants, lead-piping in our homes, contaminated food growing soils and so much more can increase the heavy metal levels in our bodies.

This can lead to a toxic reaction from a sudden, severe exposure, or from chronic exposure over time. Heavy metal levels can be tested by a doctor through a simple blood test, but is rarely done unless there’s cause to believe poisoning or unhealthy exposure has occurred.

Detoxing effects of zeolite in the body

So what does zeolite do in our bodies? Zeolite – when ingested – moves through the digestive tract without breaching the intestinal wall (meaning it only moves through our digestive system, not the rest of our bodies). Zeolite is safe to ingest, and studies have shown it provides detoxifying benefits for a range of contaminants, not just heavy metals in both humans and animals. Through its powerful ion-exchange, adsorption properties, and detoxifying effects, it has proven a powerful eliminator of contaminants as well as a digestive tract, immune system, and microbiome improver. Wow!

Promising preliminary studies have also shown that ingesting Zeolite can help sufferers of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and those with a protein-excessive diet, who suffer from heightened levels of ammonia in the digestive tract. It works by attaching to the ammonia and extracting it as it passes through the digestive system. With the ammonia reduced, symptoms and discomfort were also reduced.

Source your activated zeolite today

If your lifestyle exposes you to high levels of heavy metals or you think zeolite can help with symptoms you’re experiencing, consider chatting to your doctor about testing your heavy metal levels and incorporating zeolite into your diet, and source zeolite from a trusted Australian source. Browse our activated zeolite powder capsules and zeolite soaps, or learn about some of the awesome cleansing benefits of zeolite on the body (externally and internally) and even in the garden.

Disclaimer: This blog post is not to be used as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment of any health condition or problem.