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The Best Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffusers in Australia

Are you looking to buy the best ultrasonic diffuser at the best prices? Searching for a good quality glass dome diffuser? Rock Salt Lamps offer an array of exclusive ultrasonic essential oil diffusers for you to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of essential oils.

Rock Salt Lamps is Australia’s leading supplier of ultrasonic diffusers and essential oils. Our range of exclusive aroma diffusers provides the most efficient, advanced and effective way to diffuse essential oils in your home or office.

What is an Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser?

An ultrasonic diffuser releases essential oils into the atmosphere in the form of negative ions. These diffusers are so named because they use ultrasonic vibrations to break down the essential oil into micro-particles. This allows the oil to dispensed into the air in the form of an ultra-fine mist along with steam.
This process doesn’t produce a lot of noise, making this diffuser an ideal companion when you are relaxing, working or even sleeping.

Ultrasonic diffusers do not make use of heat to change the state of oil. This keeps the integrity of the oil intact and makes these diffusers a completely safe option, especially when you have small children around.

Ultrasonic diffusers are affordable, can double as a humidifier in the cold months, and offer a large capacity tank for storing water. What’s more, Rock Salt Lamps offer ultrasonic diffusers in an array of options.

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10 Reasons to Buy an Essential Oil Diffuser

  • It helps you to relax and brings immense calmness.
  • Clears your lungs and helps in respiratory colds.
  • Bring down the build-up of mould and bacteria in your home.
  • 100% natural means for improving your family’s health and wellbeing.
  • Improves your sleep to a great extent.
  • Detoxifies the environment.
  • Transforms your home into an abode of positivity and cool ambience.
  • It looks stylish and offers excellent value for money.
  • Ensures your family breathes clean, purified air that’s improved by the health-promoting benefits of essential oils.
  • Helps your toddler/baby settle into a consistent, deep sleeping pattern.

Ultrasonic Glass Dome Diffusers

We have an array of bamboo and glass diffusers that boast cutting-edge technology and world-class manufacturing.

These diffusers emit a gorgeous mist to release pure essential oils into the atmosphere. This ultrasonic mist emits a “water vapour” t counter the dryness caused by heaters and air conditioners.

These glass diffusers can instantly cleanse, purify and refresh the atmosphere to improve the general wellbeing.

Each diffuser features a natural, authentic bamboo base and a glass top in an array of shapes like dome and teardrop.

Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffusers

Our stunning standard ultrasonic diffusers are no less. They are compact, powerful and extremely cost-effective.

We bring to you an exclusive range of hand-picked aromatherapy diffusers that offer complete value for your money and get the job done efficiently.

Buy Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffusers in Australia

When you are looking to buy the best ultrasonic diffusers in Australia, look no further. Explore our hand-picked collection now.

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