Selenite Sphere (Med) – peach & selenite charging plate – save $10

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For a short time, we’re offering a mini selenite charging plate (square or circle) with our selenite spheres, valued at $15.00, for only $5.00, when purchasing a selenite sphere. 

Selenite is a beautiful crystal, and how stunning is this peach selenite sphere?  Peach Selenite “earths angelic energies and aids earth healing”*; also used to open your inner priestess and help with forgiveness and acceptance.

Hold this gorgeous sphere in your hand and you’ll feel a sense of clarity and calm.

Each sphere is approx 5.5 cm in diameter and sits on a lovely hematite “stand”.

Please note: Selenite is a very soft stone that can be scratched easily with a fingernail. Please also keep away from water

*The Crystal Bible, pg 260

RRP – selenite sphere $25.00
RRP – selenite charging plate $15.00

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