“Should I have wifi next to my bed?” I was asked.

No, was my response, unless you have a Geoclense in your home. The Geoclense is a device you plug into a power point and it’s designed to balance the positive ion energy (known as poisonous, unhealthy energy) created when there is current running through the electrical circuit, also known as EMR (electromagnetic radiation), and harmonises the noxious energy emitted from appliances connected to the harmonised circuit.

People clearly suffer from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, caused by the Electromagnetic Fields from power lines, laptops, wireless routers, etc.  Even ‘though many of us don’t suffer from the headaches, nausea, fatigue, heart palpitations, etc that EHS sufferers do, EMF, EMR and RF can’t be doing our bodies any favours, and there’s a school of thought that they putting stress on our bodies’ nervous system.  

This article “Brain on Fire” identifies what EHS sufferers experience and the problems they’re experiencing in having their symptoms recognised as a “syndrome”  “….  the radio-frequency levels at which sufferers say they’re affected fall well below those considered dangerous by regulators. And its existence is denied by mainstream medicine. While allergies can be tested with a needle-prick blood sample, there is no accepted diagnostic test for EHS, so most sufferers are self-diagnosed. “The collection of symptoms,” says a World Health Organisation (WHO) fact sheet, “is not part of any recognised syndrome.”  

This news report gives an interesting overview as the effects wi-fi has on us.  

We’re not scientists or experts in these matters however our philosophy is to protect and harmonise our family, home and office, wherever and whenever we can.  Our view is that when we are aware of what can harm us, we do what we can to preserve our health and well being, and those around us.  That’s why we stock Home Harmonisers (Geoclense) and Mobile Phone and Wifi Radiation Harmonisers (Mobile Phone Harmoniser) and the purpose of Rock Salt Lamps is to Harmonise your home, office and you ……