The Large Family Pack - SAVE > 20%


The Large Family Pack - SAVE > 20% 00281

The Family Pack has been designed to cover most major rooms in the home or office and consists of:

  • Small Salt Lamp (2-3 kg) x 2 – great for the bedroom, office, bookcase, kitchen - the Small Salt Lamp is the most popular size due to its versatility. Ionic radius - approx 1.5 m
  • Mid Size Salt Lamp (3-4 kg) – perfect for your dining table, therapy room, entrance or reception desk. Ionic radius - approx 2 m
  • Medium to Large Salt Lamp (6-8 kg) - ideal for a lounge room as a feature, entry, side table, practitioner’s room, etc. Due to its size it really has a “presence”.
 Ionic radius - approx 4 m

Himalayan Salt lamps are unique and vary in size, shape and colour. They are hand-chiselled to preserve their primordial energy and maximize therapeutic benefits.

Each Rock Salt Lamp is cradled on a beautiful wooden base and comes complete with an Australian Approved cord and globe.

Care guidelines are also included. As with any electrical item, please treat with care and keep away from children (salt lamps are heavy and the globes can get quite hot!).

RRP: $157.00

Price excludes gst and freight

AU$125 In stock