EMR Harmoniser Starter Pack - save over 20% - FREE shipping


EMR Harmoniser Starter Pack - save over 20% - FREE shipping 00227

In this Starter Pack, you receive:

Geoclense (x 1) (Geopathic Stress and Electromagnetic Radiation Harmoniser, Wi Fi Harmoniser) for home or office

Personal Energy Pendant Harmoniser (x 1)

Mobile Device Harmoniser (x 1) Portable Device Harmoniser

The Geoclense Home Harmoniser is programmed to neutralise noxious EMR fields unique to buildings. The stress on the body’s organs and nervous system created by EMR and other sources of toxic, positive energy fields are potentially neutralised with a Geoclense operating in a building. Within an instant, the space feels “lighter” and “clearer” and the well-being of the people may be restored, creating a healthier and happier home environment. As it’s portable, it can be taken with you when you go on holidays or to work – simply plug into the wall and you’re ready to go.

When away from your Geoclense environment, you can continue to keep your personal energy protected with a beautiful Kabibe Shell EMR Personal Pendant, as it creates a harmonising field of healthy negative energy around your body.

The EMF emitted from a mobile phone while in use, or when placed in a pocket or handbag, creates electromagnetic stress on the vital life-energy of human organs and meridian pathways. We use our mobile phones daily, so we also recommend the Mobile Phone and Wi Fi Radiation Harmonizer to neutralize EMR emitted from the mobile phone, laptop and all portable devices.

Our EMR Harmonisers are designed to neutralise noxious EMR fields created by our modern society.

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