Crystal Selenite

Selenite is a beautiful crystal, naturally produced from a clear or opaque form of gypsum crystal. Light passes through it easily, creating a lovely, ethereal glow.

The name Selenite comes from the Greek word “Selene”, meaning moon (it refers to the crystal’s pearl-like appearance that reflects a soft, moon-like glow). Our beautiful Selenite Crystal Lamps come from the ancient seabeds of Morocco.

Each selenite piece is unique.

Selenite is a stone of mental clarity, truth, honesty and focus; it also assists with judgment and insight. It helps to clear confusion and helps to see the deeper picture. It’s the perfect addition to your desk or study area, as it’s known to help with problem solving and improve concentration.

Selenite is also said to be helpful for people suffering from chronic illness – it may help to restore balance and may help to gain insight into the root cause of a specific condition.

Selenite is also a stone of powerful intuition and psychic awareness, and is known to remove energy blocks and negative influences. It’s also a stone of reconciliation.

With regard to cleansing crystals etc, Selenite recharges itself so you never have to worry about cleansing / recharging selenite. It can also cleanse, recharge, and program your crystals and gemstones as well. Place any crystal you have been working with on top of your selenite - the crystal will both clean any energies present and help to recharge your other crystals and stones. You can greatly increase any other crystal or stone energy by pointing your selenite at the other stone, visualizing just how you want that stone to perform.

Our selenite lamps come with an Australian Approved cord (white) and 7 or 15 watt clear, incandescent globe. Coloured globes can be ordered here.