2 - 3kg Rock Salt Lamp


2 - 3kg Rock Salt Lamp NATURAL-SMALL

Our authentic Himalayan Rock Salt lamps have been hand carved, using salt extracted from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains – how fabulous having a salt lamp in your home that was ‘manufactured’ by Mother Nature over 200,000 years ago! Each salt lamp is hand carved to preserve its ancient energy and, as every rock salt lamp is unique, they will vary in size, shape and colour, bringing their own individual vibe to your personal space.

Each salt lamp comes with an Australian approved cord, globe and care guidelines. Did you know that we make sure each component (i.e. globe, cord and salt lamp) is working as it should? We also give you a spare globe, at no charge. As with any electrical item, please treat with care, use in a sensible manner and keep out of reach of children - salt lamps are heavy, plus the globes get hot!

Height: approx 18 cm
Ionic radius: approx 1.5 metre
Suitable for: bedroom (bedside table), entry foyer, meditation room, beside your computer, bookcase, kitchen, etc

Here's what Alison had to say after she purchased her first salt lamps:

Emily has said that it really has helped with her congestion and I certainly had a better sleep than usual.

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