Square Himalayan Salt Lamp (Mini)


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Square salt lamps are so cool – our stunning, smooth Rock Salt Square is hand carved from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. Salt lamps transform any environment into a warm, healing space, while gently purifying the air.

The Square Salt Lamp is a perfect addition to any home, best as a feature.  Square Salt Lamps are also ideal in an office / workplace as they emit a warm, calming, harmonising ambience.

Each Rock Salt Lamp is cradled on a beautiful wooden base and comes complete with an Australian Standard cord and globe. Care guidelines are included.

Height: up to 13 cm
Diameter: approx 10 cm
Ionic radius: approx 1.5 metres

As with any electrical item, please treat with care, use in a sensible manner and keep out of reach of children – salt lamps are heavy!

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