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Selenite is a beautiful stone, a form of gypsum crystal. The name Selenite comes from the Greek word “Selene”, meaning moon (it refers to the crystal’s pearl-like appearance that reflects a soft, moon-like glow).  Shaped in the form of a mountain, our beautiful Selenite Crystal Towers come from ancient sea beds in Morocco.  Selenite towers don’t have a hole for a cord or globe.  They’re beautiful on their own.

Selenite brings strength in decision making and heightens self-awareness.  The gentle healing qualities of selenite can be used to provide protection from negative energy to create a safe and quiet space with a peaceful atmosphere.  Selenite is also self cleansing and cleanses other crystals.

“Translucent Selenite has a very fine vibration and brings clarity of mind, opening the crown and higher crown chakras and accessing angelic consciousness and higher guidance. Pure Selenite is a link to the light body, helping to anchor it in the earth vibration.”*

Please note:

  • Selenite is a very soft crystal that can be scratched easily with a fingernail.
  • It will also dissolve in water so ensure it is kept away from water.
  • Small pieces of selenite may flake off so be careful when rubbing fingers over it as tiny pieces may splinter.
  • Selenite towers do not have an opening for a cord and globe – they’re gorgeous, just as they are!
  • Information card included.

*The Crystal Bible, Judy Hall, page 259

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