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Seer stones (also known as Ema Eggs or Dreamer’s Crystal) are naturally tumbled river stones from the Ema River in Brazil.  They have a frosted outer crust while the cut polished window offers an inner world of wonder, often used for gaining insight.  Some say it’s a great tool for scrying as it shows past, present and future, and can take you deep into your own inner self.

This beautiful set of 4 seer stones come packaged in a calico pouch.

Amethyst is a calming and soothing crystal, that works on the emotional, physical and spiritual planes to promote calmness and peace.  It’s also a negativity blocker that helps you switch off negative and disruptive thoughts. 

Clear Quartz can be used to amplify both body energy and thoughts.  It can assist in the creation of power and can provide for clarity in thinking.  The natural tendency of quartz is for harmony and it is recognised as a stone of power. 

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love and is the most important crystal for the heart and the heart chakra, teaching the true essence of love.

Smoky Quartz is an excellent stone for grounding and protecting, especially in time of stress.  It relieves fear, lifts depression and brings calmness.

Please note the image is indicative only – each seer stone is unique in its shape, size and appearance.

Sizes vary but are approx 3 cm or more  

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