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Himalayan Salt Rock Babies are the perfect night light – our rock salt night lights have all the energy of a Himalayan Salt Lamp, in a compact form (and without a cord). Rock Babies fit directly into your power point and emit a beautiful, warm glow.

Rock Babies are up to 9 cm high and 8 cm wide; each Rock Baby is unique therefore sizes and colours will vary. Rock baby nights lights are ideal for:

– little ones,

– the elderly,

– in hallways,

– kitchens,

– passageways,

– nurseries,

– stairways,

– steps

…. anywhere you want a gentle, soothing, calming night light. Please note that colours vary and some rock baby salt lamps may be brighter than others.

Your rock baby salt lamp comes with an a 7 watt incandescent globe and care guidelines. Did you know that we make sure each component (e.g. globe and rock baby salt lamp) is working as it should, and we give you a free globe, so that you have a spare? Globes in Rock Babies should be no higher than 10 watt.

What you get:
a) Himalayan Rock Salt Night Light – with carved out inner
b) Australian Approved Electrical Base – with silicone grommet
c) 7 Watt Globe


The clear plastic clip on the salt base has been removed and replaced with new technology. The flexi silicone grommet keeps the Himalayan Salt piece more securely in place.
The easiest way to attach or remove the Himalayan salt rock is:

Apply firm downward pressure onto the rock and twist back and forth gently. This will secure the salt rock in place. Note: the silicone grommet does not need to be completely covered by the salt rock. Just enough to secure the salt rock in place, to maintain air flow into the salt rock

Switch off and remove the Rock Baby from the power source. Gently pull the salt rock away from the electrical base. Twist very gently if required. Note: the plastic ring around the globe cradle may pop off during detachment. Simply click it back into place, and make sure the silicone grommet is still correctly in place. If necessary adjust the silicone grommet so that it sits neatly over the plastic ring.

As with any electrical item, please treat with care, use in a sensible manner and keep out of reach of children!

Read how our Rock Salt Lamps work, click here.


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