Floral Harmony Bell Pendant (Angel Caller)


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Our gorgeous, unique, handcrafted Harmony Bell Pendants are the upcycled version of Harmony Ball Pendants.  Harmony Ball Necklaces have traditionally been worn as a pregnancy necklace, bringing a feeling of calm and relaxation to both the wearer and the unborn baby.  The soft tinkle of the bell inside the pendant creates a sense of peace and harmony, similar to the lapping of waves along the shore.  

Also known as “Angel Caller” or “Bola”, a Harmony Ball Necklace is said to provide protection.  Each pendant has its own individual sound, personalised to the wearer, helping them get in touch with their Guardian Angel.  

These stunning Harmony Bell Pendants are handcrafted from the end of a knife handle, and the small tear drop inside the necklace emits a gentle, melodic chime (or whisper).  As each pendant is handmade and unique, no two are the same, which means that your necklace may vary slightly from the photo.

Our Harmony Bell Pendants come in a sweet little burlap bag.

Pendant:  4cm
Stainless steel ball and chain:  80cm

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Dimensions 3 × 3 × 5 cm


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