Crystal Salt Deodorant Ball


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100% pure and natural Himalayan Salt Deodorant Ball is the natural way to freshen up without harsh chemicals!

  • no alcohol
  • no chemicals
  • no preservatives
  • no perfume
  • no emulsifiers
  • anti-bacterial
  • natural

Rock Salt Deodorant Balls are one of the best natural alternatives to chemical deodorants.  

They’re completely safe to use because they contain salt. and are very gentle on sensitive skin.

Simply wet the crystal salt and rub onto your skin.  It doesn’t fee sticky or greasy and won’t stain clothes.

Please be mindful that salt will dissolve so don’t leave it sitting in water or in very damp conditions.  Also best not to drop it because it may break if it falls on a hard surface.

It will last up to 12 months depending on use (which makes it sooooooo economical).

Includes free ‘marble’ stand.


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