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Our new Aroma Pod diffusers are taking Australia by storm. They’re natural, tactile, effective, unique, sustainable, and just plain fabulous!  Made from the Banksia Grandis seed pod, the Aroma Pod is naturally porous, which means it soaks up your essential oils and releases the aroma through its pores without the need for electricity.

Each Aroma Pod has a combination of rough edges (the outside of the seed pod), holes where the seeds once were and a red velvety fur. These attributes are a completely natural part of the seed pod. Each Aroma Pod has its own unique qualities and you will never find two the same.

How do you use it?
1. Remove the cork from Aroma Pod
2. Choose your Essential Oil or blend (ideally pure, potent essential oils, rather than perfume oils) and place up to 20 drops of essential oil into the pod
3. Replace the cork back on the Aroma Pod

The aroma should last approx 2 to 4 weeks – add a few extra drops of essential oil weekly (or as needed), for a longer-lasting effect.

When the aroma has faded, you can use a different essential oil or continue to use the same essential oil.

Our Aroma Pods come with Eucalyptus essential oil in the Pod, as a starter, and we all know that Eucalyptus (Australian grown) can help promote feelings of relaxation and clear breathing when diffused.

Approx 50 mm high and 60 mm wide

More info:

The collection of the Banksia Grandis is highly regulated by the Department of Parks and Wildlife Western Australia. It’s important that the landscape is undisturbed and that the Banksia trees continue to thrive in the Australian bush.

The seed pods collected have expelled their seeds and have completed the lifecycle of the plant. They are carefully handpicked to ensure no damage is done to the tree itself or the Australian bushland. The collectors go in to the bush on foot, careful not to disturb any surrounding plants or wildlife and no heavy machinery is used during this process.

A royalty is paid to the Western Australian Forestry per seed pod, which goes to aid in forest management and conservation. The pickers are designated certain areas to collect the pods, and these are constantly changing to ensure no one area is ever depleted. Only 10% of the Banksia Seed Pods can be collected in any one area at a time. It is also our supplier’s mission to support other Harvesters in their endeavours to regenerate Australian bushland.














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