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This 45 card deck is full of affirmations and gentle reminders for those who feel a little sensitive and anxious.  The beautifully written words and gorgeous artwork are there to bring comfort, peace and warmth in times of stress.  In fact, the words are for everyone, no matter how you’re feeling.

Choosing a card each day, is a great way to help you start your day.  

The artwork is so beautiful, you could frame either the artwork , or the words themselves.

Here’s are a couple of lovely examples:

“They’re only thoughts.  It’s not the content of the thoughts, it’s your reaction to them.”

“Ask yourself:  What do I want?  What do I need?”

Take a few moments to consider the card you’ve pulled (we rush so much these days) as it’s great to take some time to reflect, and consider what the words actually mean.  


Guide Book included.


Author and creator – Kristie Vasili

Kristie is the primary author of the affirmations in this card deck.  Kristie experienced anxiety from a very young age and has been dedicated to managing it since her adolescence.  The words in this deck have been lovingly gathered from Kristie’s therapy sessions, personal insights and a few helpful famous quotes.

Artist – Bronwen Kate

Bronwen is the artist who created the illustrations for this card deck.  She is an artist and art therapist dedicated to health and wellness through creativity.


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