10kg – 12kg Rock Salt Lamp


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  • height – up to 32cm
  • suitable as a feature in an entrance, larger living area, foyer, reception desk
  • ionic radius up to 6 mt

Himalayan Salt lamps are stunning, warm, comforting and just make you feel happy. They vary in size, shape and colour and make a statement wherever they are located.

Here’s what Kathryn said after her salt lamp arrived:

“Thank you … my husband who was a non believer of the benefits of salt lamps has now become an avid promoter of the health benefits. He used to turn my big lamp off when nobody was in the room …. his belief was that it didn’t work so why waste electricity.

He started to sleep better when I bought a small one for our bedroom. He was so amazed that now he leaves the big one going all the time.”

Crystal salt lamps are hand chiselled to preserve their beautiful energy and maximize therapeutic benefits. Each Rock Salt Lamp is cradled on a beautiful wooden base and comes complete with an Australian Approved cord an globe. Care guidelines are included.

As with any electrical item, please treat with care, use in a sensible manner and keep out of reach of children – salt lamps are heavy!



Read how our Rock Salt Lamps work, click here.

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